Sunday, January 26, 2014

It feels as cold as space. Not a hyperbole.

This has been an unreasonably cold week. I am incredulous as to why I haven't moved to Hawaii yet.

So cold we didn't even take off our toques in the restaurant. We went for some spicy Thai food to try to kick Stu's cold symptoms. I tried Thai iced tea for the first time and it's lovely. Similar taste to bubble tea.
There were a couple of fantastic photography exhibits for free at the Ryerson Image Centre. One was documenting the demise of analogue photography and the other was a series of photos depicting the "scattered remnants of the 'American Dream'". The latter looked like (a more well-done version of) the random and weird things Stuart and I like to take pictures of.

The cruel view from my office window.
Stu went to New York for the weekend so I was flying solo. I went for a long and cold wander around the city.

Made my way out to Trinity Bell Woods.
It was a frozen park. This is where the gang went for a picnic in the summer. Sigh.

I spotted a little spiral staircase at the top of this clock tower. Never noticed the staircase before.  I'd like to go up there.
On Sunday I awoke to find some exciting astronomic news about a supernova. The stellar explosion occurred in a galaxy relatively close to us, about 12 million light years from Earth. This means the star exploded nearly 12 million years ago and we're just seeing it. Naturally, I had to wear the most beautiful scarf in the universe: my galaxy scarf that Stu got me for my birthday.

Sunday was snowy and freezing. I went for a much shorter walk then spent the rest of the afternoon cuddled up with coffee and a film.

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