Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring is in the air

Patch Town, a film I worked on, opened the Canadian Film Festival. 

The Birder, another film I worked on, was also at the Canadian Film Fest. It was hilarious. Funniest film I've worked on so far.

Cameron, Phylicia, Kristin and Mike all came to town. Kristin and her husband have been living in Korea for the past few years, so it's rare that I see them. We had a delicious dinner party and played good ole Partners. Best, crappiest boardgame ever. Best $1 garage sale purchase of my life.

Good little pub off the beaten track. Sunday Funday!

Took a nice walk home on a slightly reasonably warmer day.

Slightly warmer weather means bike season! Audrey came over to help Stuart get sorted with his new bike cleats. Also, Stu made a delicious Gorgonzola apple walnut risotto. That's what I'm talkin' bout!

This is my extremely happy face. Reunited, and it feels so gooooood.

Arts and crafts project: making a fascinator for the English wedding.
Here's what it looks like on.

I come home one night to realize that the three of us accidentally dressed up as triplets. Who wore it best.

Spring things.

No winter coat!

Morning walk past the botanical gardens.

Friday night at the Horse Shoe.

Packing for Europe!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. Can't wait to go!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kiss him, he's Chirish.

I want an Honest Ed's sign so bad. I love that place. The building got sold, I believe. I'm not sure what's going to happen to Honest Ed's but I'll be devastated if it closes. It's such an iconic part of Toronto. And my youth.

Little perusin' at Sonic Boom.

This is one of the greatest tags I've ever seen. So rad.

Stu fueled my obsession. He found these cards at Sonic Boom and surprised me.
Girls' night!


Worst winter ever. Even my tangerine is #cold. Aw, poor lil guy!

My 'not impressed with the March snow storm" face.

Not the Wvrst idea.

TIFF was doing free film screenings.

Our St. Pat's mascot.

St. Pat's coffee

Adam came over for a breakfast bake. I made banana coconut chocolate quinoa bake and it was gooooood.
I'm a sucker for a parade. This was the coldest St. Patrick's Day parade I've been to in all the years we've lived in Toronto.

Went for a stroll before we watched another free film at the TIFF

Then Adam had us over for an amazing home-cooked dinner and dessert.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Gold Jerry, gold!

Watched Curtis E. Bear (#27) play some hockey up at the Maple Leaf Gardens. This week was pretty hockey focused. Canadian ladies won gold at the Olympics (and I nearly had a heart attack watching it).

We went to a new brewery called "Left Field Brewery" and tried some of their delicious brews. Their IPA is fantastic.

Great job on the branding.

There was a wall where we could suggest names for their future beers. We came up with "Who's on Thirst". Boom.
Sunday morning was the Canadian men's gold medal game in hockey. We got to the pub for 7:00am to watch it. I asked the bartender for coffee. His response: "No coffee. Only beer."

Canada won GOOOOLD! Party down at Dundas Square. Dejavu to 4 years ago!

This street car was brave enough to try to break through the masses.
An evening stroll

We went up to mom's to help paint the basement. I came across some treasures of my youth. These pretty much sum up my personality at age 16.

While we were in Muskoka, Guman's dirty 30 party was going on, so we popped in for a few suds.

I found a very cheap dress to wear to one of the six weddings we have this year.

Krisha had George, Tam, Stu and I over for dinner. I had so much fun talking and laughing with her and her incredible family. I didn't think to get any photos while I was there, which I'm kicking myself over.

First walk-home of the season. At the start, the weather wasn't so bad, but it gradually got so cold that my phone shut itself off.

Went for Thursday pub night at the Rebel House and we had a great turnout! Skoobs, Curt, Jeff, Pedwell, Tara, Adam, and even Cody all came out. The pictures I took sucked though. Other than this gem.
Another evening where I walked home. I love this building.

In this terrible cold, here are some of the things I've been clinging to to keep me thinking sunny, tropical thoughts!