Friday, December 23, 2011

Home Alone ... the board game!

This is something that I bought from a thrift shop with a great deal or excitement. Home Alone is one of the best movies of all time. However, Home Alone the board game is one of the worst board games of all time. The rules and object of the game make no sense and the whole thing is completely ridiculous (which actually makes it pretty hilarious to play)... regardless, I still like being the owner of Home Alone the board game.

Merry Christmas... ya filthy animal.

Santa vs God

When I stopped believing in Santa, my disbelief towards God wasn’t far off.  I began to see that Santa was a creation, a tool, which authority figures used to manipulate children into being good little boys and girls. If they were good, obeyed the rules and their parents, they would be rewarded with presents. If they were bad and did not believe in the old bearded one, they would surely be threatened with punishment of a lump of coal in place of toys.
Thinking about this, I started to draw some similarities between Kris Kringle and the Lord and the more I did so, the more it solidified for me that God is seemingly the St. Nick for the masses; an elaborate form of social control created by and in the interest of people in positions of power.
I’ve been thinking about this for a few years now and I shall illustrate my conclusions regarding the similarities between the two via the power of… a chart!

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…Just sayin’.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sora Designs

I want to share some love for one of my favourite Etsy shops, Sora Designs. This shop, based in San Francisco, sells really neat and unique jewellery of which I've started amassing a bit of a collection. 

I love how long they all are and each one is a great statement piece to add some character to an outfit.

This deer locket was the first piece I got. I wear it a lot so it's started to tarnish a bit, as most metals do, but I actually like how it looks with age. It's turning a bit of a bronzy-rose gold colour which I love.

I keep a cute mini note Stuart snuck in there when I first got it. 

You can buy the deer locket here.

Stuart got this one for me as a Christmas gift last year and it was an excellent present, I must say. Mint green vintage beads + owl = !!!!!!

You can buy the owl necklace here

And this wishbone necklace I was lucky enough to win! Who actually ever wins givaways?! I think this is the first thing I ever won and I am very pleased. I wore it to the Christmas party I hosted last weekend with a plain black dress and it got a lot of attention - everyone loved it. 

You can buy the wishbone necklace here.

The customer service at Sora Design is wonderful. The pieces are delivered quickly, in nice packaging and if you like her Facebook page she's always doing lovely things like promo-code discounts (and the give away!). There is a huge variety of jewellery and I highly recommend checking this shop out.

Here are some other items I have my eye on to add to my collection... (click on picture to go to shop page).

Great, right?!