Friday, February 26, 2010

Fantasy vacation: Venice

I am going on an imaginary trip to Venice.
Here is what I'll be wearing, eating, drinking and seeing.
Bon voyage!

Day wear: Romantic peach dress, flat sandals for loads of walking, large purse for souvenirs.

I nicked this photo off of Flickr. Photo credit: sminky_pinky100

Another one from Flickr. Photo credit: Lele Orpo

Photo credit: Lele Orpo

Photo credit: Lele Orpo

Evening wear: Vintage looking floral dress with burgundy, green and gold accents.

Hotel room that overlooks the canal.

Jackpot is $50 million tonight... who knows, maybe next weekend this dream will become a reality!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

not a cell-out

I'm not massively into the cell phone thing and I do not own one. Yes, they certainly have their merits - and I appreciate that - however, I relish the freedom I have knowing that when I am gallivanting about, I am essentially unreachable. It is marvelous knowing that when I'm out of the house or the office, an annoying little box wont emit a grating digital tune from my pocket, demanding I pay attention to it and serve its needs.
I can never imagine being one of those people whose cell phones become an extension of their body, getting to the point where they may be legally obligated to have passport photos taken with their phone.
And the texting! It's too much for me to handle! Fact: It is abysmally rude to be texting while mid conversation with an actual human.
No, I am very pleased in my current situation. I am not tied down with a cell, buuuuut if I'm ever in a situation where it would be convenient to use one, good ole Stuart has one. Lovely stuff.
However, I have a strange fondness toward pay phones. I don't really use them that often, nor do I know of anyone who does, but I definitely appreciate them. I guess I like them because they are a link to a time which is increasingly going the way of tapes and floppy discs. They are nearing obsolescence but they're still toughing it out. I remember when I was a kid, I couldn't go anywhere unless I had a quarter to call home, just in case! Now, kids can just text their parents. I'm not really bemoaning this; I suppose if anything it's better. I just hold a sentimental soft spot in my heart for the old days I guess. Like in the episode of The Littlest Hobo where this kid named Bobby ran away and everyone was reliant on the pay phone to communicate with one another on their quest to find him. I get such a kick out of it all.
Here are some pictures that Stuart and I have taken of pay phones while we were out and about: