Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The best wall in the city

Due to reasons involving a mix of boredom, inevitable Alzheimer's,  carpe diem, momeno mori and not wanting to take what is actually a pretty good life for granted, I will start keeping better track of my adventures (as mundane as they may be) and nifty things I see and do.

Buckle up.

Here is the weekend of January 17-19, 2014.

Friday night post-sushi bubble tea date. Stu had honey and I had chocolate mint. "Sooo good"as some might say.
Saturday was very cold but we braved the weather for an all day walking adventure, starting in Mount Pleasant, an untapped area for us.

This is the best wall in the city. It belongs to the Toronto Camera Club.
A lovely seat with pixelated flowers. Super Mario wahooo.
We saw an abundance of fantastic signs

Nice, nice, very nice.

Old Mt. Pleasant cinema

On Saturday night I met up with the fellas at Ted's Collision. Curt claimed that this is his "I'm having fun face". He's got me convinced.

Jeff does not speak Icelandic.

On Sunday I made Moroccan stew and had Ryan over. We watched "Googlewhacked" and did a music trade. Ryan thought he forgot his glasses so wore the prescription sunnies. As he was packing them up to leave, he realized he did have his real glasses the whole time. 

I wore an excellent gold dinosaur necklace.

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