Saturday, June 9, 2012

Science non-fiction

I have finally joined modern society and got a smart phone. I know I'm a recovering Luddite but, come on, smart phones are phenomenal. This phone is unbelievable; I literally feel like I am in the future. I'm not even typing this, I'm talking to my phone and it's writing it all down for me. Well in honor of this futuristic device I've decided that an appropriate blog post would be to feature my sci-fi books. All photos were taken and edited on this crazy phone.

The War Of The Worlds, H.G. Wells, 1974
Orbit Unlimited, Poul Anderson, 1972

Destination: Void, Frank Herbert, 1966

The Time Machine, H.G. Wells, 1964

Be An Interplanetary Spy, Written by Seth McEvoy, illustrations by Marc Hempel and Mark Wheatley, 1983. Choose your own adventure book!
A look inside the choose-your-own-adventure book
Oh no! Oh yes!

The Invisible Man, H.G. Wells, 1975
An Ace Double book. Two reads in one. The Hunters of Jundagai, Kenneth Bulmer, 1971
An Ace Double book. Two reads in one. Project Jove, John Glasby, 1971

Journey To The Centre Of The Earth, Jules Verne, 1965

World Without Stars, Poul Anderson, 1966. This one is my favourite cover. 

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