Sunday, September 25, 2011

Top 10 of Summer 2011

Since it is the first weekend of fall, I thought I'd do a look back on what a marvellous summer this has been. Weather was fantastic, adventures were plenty and many grand memories are stored for me to look back fondly upon when I'm old and shrivelled and can do nothing more than recall the glory days of my youth.
Here are the top ten best for my summer 2011:

10: Life With Boys premier.

I have been working on this show for a very, verrryyy long time. It was a tough process that took our team through a great deal of trials and tribulations. But nothing worth anything comes easy. It was a real thrill to see this show that we've put so much of our life into actually come to life.

9: Surprising Dad.
For dad's birthday, Stuart and I rented a car, drove for 6ish hours, mostly in the dark, in the middle of nowhere, to surprise dad. Then we drove for close to 7ish hours through a friggin monsoon to get back home. It was an arduous journey there and back, but father dearest was extremely delighted with the surprise.

8: Mom's Art Show.
My ma is one of the most skilled artists I've ever met, and I'm not just saying that because she gave life to me. This year she's been creating gorgeous garden figures that are made out of fabric, but coated in some concoction so that they are weather proof. These statues are stunning. Ma had her big debut at the Baysville art show and everyone was amazed with her creations. It was also a great weekend because a lot of my extended family came out, so twas great seeing everyone again.

7: Toronto Island Beach Day.

Rach, Stuart and I, the three musketeers, set off to the lovely Toronto Island for a day at the beach. The weather was crazy hot and the water was crazy cold, but we had a crazy good time.

6: Bachelorette Party.

My first time being a bride's maid was this summer for Jai, the friend I've had in my life for the second longest amount of time. We had a whole day of fun - spent the morning on a roof top pool over looking the lake. Then went Go carting, then for dinner then out on the town.

5: Wedding.

Jai and Jay's wedding was beautiful. It was an exciting experience getting to be my friend's bridesmaid. It's wild how quickly we've all grown up. From doing Brady Bunch dances when we were 14 to now settling down and being proper adults. More or less.

4: Getting a bike. Well... two.

Getting a bike this summer was the best decision I've made in a long time! Although it got stolen part way through the summer, I got another one right away and with the two bikes, it still worked out cheaper than getting a metropass for all of the months I've cycled. I take the bike to and from work everyday, riding through pretty Cabbagetown. Riding on the quiet streets with the big old houses in the sun is absolutely blissful.

3: Canoe Adventure.

There is a fantastic group of 20-somethings that live in the tiny village my mom lives in up in Muskoka. Stuart and I get along really well with them and one beautiful July day we all decided to go on a massive canoe adventure. We took an hour and a half canoe journey down stream to the best spot - a huuuge rock which you can sit on and dive off of. We brought some brews, snacks, sushi and chilled out for the day, swimming and sunning. Then we embarked on the journey home. Down stream is a breeze -- up stream is a quest. We did some hardcore rowing, some portaging, braved the dreaded mosquitoes and black flies and 2.5 hours later, made it home in time for pizza and suds at the Pav. We christened ourselves "The Canoe Crew".

2: North Bay cottage weekend.

The annual pilgrimage to Curt's cottage. Always one of the best weekends of the year. The road trip up, the Friday night out on the town at North Bay's ever-so-happening club district, the mini tent city, the swimming, the sunning, the bbqing, the camp fire, the stupid jokes, the traditional pizza hut Sunday lunch and the road trip home. Always good times.

1: Trip to Chicago!

Stuart's bro Christopher came from England to visit us for three weeks. We took a trip to Chi-city for the labour day weekend and one of our best friends, Jeff, tagged along. We lucked out with great weather. I love Chicago, it is a spectacular city. We saw some great sights, ate some great food and had a load of laughs. And I think I might have a heart attack any day now because of how much cheese Americans put on everryyyything.

I mourn that summer has come and gone so rapidly, but I am pumped for autumn. It's only a few days in, but so far it's brilliant. Can't wait to see what my favourite season has in store.

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