Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Book Nook

This is my favourite spot in our apartment. It's the book nook. I collect retro paperbacks and I'm quite a bookworm, so this part of my home is my pride and joy. Here's a closer look...

Eastern European typewriter circa the 40s, I believe. That picture is of my mom in the 70s - it's brilliant, I love it.

Keyboard cat!

The mini James Bond section

The little penguin in the bottom corner is a figurine Stuart made when he was a little boy of the evil penguin from Wallace and Gromit "The Wrong Trousers". Best episode.

That's little flamingo jar is where we hold tickets for upcoming concerts. Those ones are for Elbow at the end of September.

The books that defy gravity.

This is a picture from last year when Stuart grew a dirty mustache for "Movember". I think we both look pretty gangsta here. You clearly don't want to mess with us.

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