Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kiss him, he's Chirish.

I want an Honest Ed's sign so bad. I love that place. The building got sold, I believe. I'm not sure what's going to happen to Honest Ed's but I'll be devastated if it closes. It's such an iconic part of Toronto. And my youth.

Little perusin' at Sonic Boom.

This is one of the greatest tags I've ever seen. So rad.

Stu fueled my obsession. He found these cards at Sonic Boom and surprised me.
Girls' night!


Worst winter ever. Even my tangerine is #cold. Aw, poor lil guy!

My 'not impressed with the March snow storm" face.

Not the Wvrst idea.

TIFF was doing free film screenings.

Our St. Pat's mascot.

St. Pat's coffee

Adam came over for a breakfast bake. I made banana coconut chocolate quinoa bake and it was gooooood.
I'm a sucker for a parade. This was the coldest St. Patrick's Day parade I've been to in all the years we've lived in Toronto.

Went for a stroll before we watched another free film at the TIFF

Then Adam had us over for an amazing home-cooked dinner and dessert.

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