Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Arm wrestling, of course.

Week started off with a good ole snowstorm. The commute took ages.  Have I mentioned how much I miss my bike?
Definitely toque and big warm poncho weather.
Way too early Valentine's Day flowers from Father.
I love Saturday mornings.
We went for a wander and stumbled upon a gem of a pub. The Museum Tavern was doing a Winterlicous deal so we gave it a go and were pleasantly surprised. The decor in there was fantastic. We were expecting a tacky 60s faux-pub (a la Firkin chain), but instead got a real deal, proper vintage tavern. It's a really great little spot that we've been overlooking this whole time, unfortunately. We'll certainly be going there more often now.
I'm a sucker for fonts in this style. This is below the Museum Tavern.
Saturday night was Stuart's birthday party!

Arm wrestle for the last sausage roll. Classic.

We went to the most bizarre club I've ever been to. It's called The Boat. It's nautical themed and I've never seen so many strange characters on a night out. Maximum hilarity. There was a miserable guy with a green face, a 70yr old bar tender, a guy carrying around a toddler doll and cuddling it like it was real, a Sasquatch who befriended Curt.... and more. Anyway, it did have sweet bathroom tiles.

My Saturday party pretties.

I made a naughty purchase - Diptyque's Eau Duelle. It's incredible. A warm, spicy vanilla fragrance is just what the doctor ordered to help make this horrible winter slightly more bearable.
Morning sun.
Spotted on a snowy winter walk.

The U of T Campus is one of the best looking places in the city.

Sunday evening was all about tea and Mucha. In the Spring we're going to Prague, so I'm brushing up on Mucha. Looking forward to going to the Mucha museum.

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