Monday, November 28, 2011

Tea-infused hot chocolate

Tea-infused hot chocolate is a very tasty winter treat. It's a bit different, and almost counter-intuitive (seems strange putting chocolate mix in your tea) but I think it's lovely stuff.
I was in a cafe a winter or two ago and they had mint tea hot chocolate on the menu. Being a fan of mint tea and hot chocolate, I was quite impressed with this idea of tossing a tea bag into a mug of hot chocolate. Genius. 
Tonight I made my own but since Stuart doesn't like mint, I figured I'd try a different kind of tea for his. Here's the set up:

Loose leaf tea, mint tea, hot chocolate mix, favourite mugs, good books. The makings of a simple pleasure.

Make tea as per usual. When it's steeped, pour in about 3-4 scoops of hot chocolate mix, add some milk, grab a good book, light some nice smelling candles, find the soft spot on the couch and decompress with the delicious drink.

The kind of tea I used for Stuart's was one of my favourite loose leaf teas on the planet. It's called "Toasted Walnut" from David's Tea (which is a Montreal / Toronto based tea chain and is filled with the most unbelievably incredible teas). It has coconut in it. Coconut! My obsession with coconut is immense, so I am a huge fan of this blend. Mixing this tea with hot chocolate gave the drink a really nice nutty, warm undertone. I look forward to a winter full of testing out new tea-hot chocolate concoctions.  

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