Monday, October 31, 2011

Frankenstein books

In honour of this spooky month, I'm going to showcase all of my vintage horror/monster-related books throughout October.

Today is the grand finale. Feast your eyes upon my glorious Frankenstein collection. Frankenstein is by far by favourite horror book. Actually, it's my favourite book full stop. It is a phenomenal piece of literature that has a myriad of interpretations. Despite the fact it was written almost 200 years ago, it is a story that continues to consistently remain relevant. Without further ado, I present my well-loved vintage Frankensteins.


Top Left: 1968
Top Right: 1965
Bottom Left: 1969
Bottom Right: 1963

A peek inside the 1963 copy

I love how Signet Classics have a line drawing and bio of the author on the first page

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