Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cinema of the Fantastic book

In honour of this spooky month, I'm going to showcase all of my vintage horror/monster-related books throughout October.

This is a large hardcover which is "an excursion into the world of horror, the bizarre, the grotesque, the incredible and satanic".

Cinema of the Fantastic, Chris Steinbrunner and Burt Goldblatt, 1972

A very sinister screen shot of Metropolis

I found it very difficult to capture the true colours of this book without the dust jacket, but it's a neon lime green. Fantastic indeed!


  1. What a great collection of books you have, Sheena!
    I remember purchasing this book in a Sydney bookshop in the late 1970's. It was on sale for $7.00!?! I have (had) many of the books that you are showing and it brings back so many happy memories from that time when I was in my early teens and just starting to appreciate vintage horror films and literature! Thanks for sharing on your blog!! Best -- Michael

  2. Amazing! The dust jacket says it was $12.50 (probably US), so seems like you got a great bargain. How much of your vintage horror collection do you still have?

  3. I have some but a lot is in storage as I needed to move to a smaller apartment.
    Some were given to friends as gifts so as to pass on the legacy to future generations of vintage horror aficionados. I still have this book, The Vampire Cinema and quite a few other important books of the genre. Particularly those written by William K Everson. Best -- Michael