Saturday, April 28, 2012

DIY necklace with found objects

Here is a super easy DIY for making a necklace with any nifty items you have laying around. 
My mom's basement is a veritable treasure trove of, well, treasures. These are a couple of necklaces we made with things found in her basement...

All you do is get a bead cap (might have to ply it apart a bit), some super strong glue that dries clear, some chain, jump rings and whatever trinket you want to turn into a pendant. In these cases, a marble and a hunk of Fool's Gold. Putting it together isn't really rocket science and it makes for a great statement piece to an outfit. My "signature style" (gag, i hate using that term, but not sure how else to refer to it) consists of a cardigan, scarf and long chain with an interesting pendant. I wear these three things almost every day, so I enjoyed this cheap and easy way of making really unique pieces to add to my stock.

Chunk of Fool's Gold... As a side note, I find the name and concept of Fool's Gold fascinating. I imagine the disappointment gold miners must've felt when they found these glimmering rocks, thinking they struck gold only to be found a fool.

This is a gorgeous iridescent marble with a pretty filigree bead cap. It's very hard to capture all of the colours in this marble but it is beautiful and reflects a rainbow of colours. It goes with just about everything.  

Ugghhhh the pendant is blurry which I didn't notice until I got the picture on my computer, but this gives you an idea of the size and length of the necklace.

Again, demonstrating size and length of the necklace.

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