Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sketch Away

I came across a great artist this week who has really inspired me to start sketching more. 
Suhita Shirodkar's blog and and etsy shop called "Sketch Away" feature vibrant moments of life from her travels portrayed in ink and watercolour. 
I love the frenetic energy that she captures so well with quick line strokes and messy paint splashes. She doesn't colour within the lines, serving as a reminder that, much like playing hooky or jay walking, breaking the rules can be so exciting.
I have to admit that a blank page intimidates me. A feeling of slight apprehension comes over me when I open up a fresh page in my sketch book. A plain piece of paper provides so many possibilities, but also great potential to really screw it up. There is a sense of freedom and fun in Suhita's art, and I want to start letting loose and enjoy sketching. It's obvious from her lively pieces that Suhita sure does.

(click on pictures to go to the etsy shop link)

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