Saturday, October 15, 2011

Jekyll and Hyde books

In honour of this spooky month, I'm going to showcase all of my vintage horror/monster-related books throughout October.

Here are my Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde related books.

Left: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; and Other Stories of the Supernatural, Robert Louis Stevenson, 1963. The font and cover of this one is fantastic. The other stories of the supernatural included in this volume are The Bottle Imp, Markheim, and The Body Snatcher
Centre: Der Seltsame Fall Dr. Jekyll und Mr. Hyde, Robert Louis Stevenson, 1969. This is a real gem I found on my travels in Berlin this year. A gorgeous and illustrated hardcover of Jekyll & Hyde written in German.
Right: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Holmes, John H. Watson / Loren D. Estleman, 1979. This is a bit of an odd one that I have yet to read. It's "written by" John Watson- as in Holmes' partner. The back says "Although R.L. Stevenson published the tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as fiction, the hideous facts were true insofar as Stevenson knew them. Here, finally, is the entire firsthand account of that devilish crime as recorded by Dr. Watson..." 

The cover of this book is amazing

Here's a look at an illustration inside the German edition

Another illustration inside the German edition

And another peek inside the German edition. The drawings in this book are fantastic - I love the little skull detail in this one. Very macabre.

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