Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hitchcock Books

In honour of this spooky month, I'm going to showcase all of my vintage horror/monster-related books throughout October.

Next up: two paperbacks that are part of Alfred Hitchcock's collection of short stories and novelettes (not written by the Master of Suspense himself, just 'presented' by him). Being under Hitchcock's umbrella, both books of course contain 'spine tingling' tales of 'diabolical horror'. Some of the stories were actually quite good. A few misses in there though. The best part is Hitchcock's intro to Down By the Old Bloodstream; "I think it's about time someone said a few words on behalf of premeditated murder." It's some classic tongue in cheek, macabre Hitchcockian humour.

Left: Alfred Hitchcock Down By The Old Bloodstream, 1971
Centre: Alfred Hitchcock's Stories Not For The Nervous, 1965
Right: Alfred Hitchcock's Hold Your Breath, 1965

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